Character Counts! and SOL Correlation

Are you interested in implementing Character Counts! into your school system but are having trouble getting school administrators to buy into the program? Check out this web link for the correlations to the SOLs:

Schools are very much focused and driven by SOL testing and are much more inclined to “buy in” to a program that is correlated to them. Therefore, the State Character Counts! leadership team has worked hard in reviewing the Character Counts! program and correlating it to the Virginia SOLs. On the website you will find the correlations for each pillar and grade level. It is our goal to have Virginia 4-H actively engaged in implementing the Character Counts! program in all schools. Research indicates that the Character Counts! program fosters a positive environment that helps improve overall attendance and test scores and has reduced negative behaviors such as bullying and disciplinary referrals. We hope that by having these correlations you will have an easier time getting your school system to buy into this program. Should you have any questions about these correlations or the Character Counts! program in general, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Tonya Price.

These correlations would not have been possible without the tireless work of the State Character Counts! Leadership Team! Special thanks goes out to: Karen Baker, Dara Booher, Sonya Furgurson, Brian Hairston, Jeremy Johnson, Jocelyn Pearson, and Glenda Snyder.

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