4-H Civic Engagement in Action at 4-H Day at the Capitol


About 500 4-H youth, volunteers, parents and 4-H staff from across the state put civic engagement in action at 4-H Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. 4-H groups interacted with their legislators sharing their 4-H stories and 4-H impacts. They observed legislative committees working, listened to current issues the legislators discusses in session, and developed a better understanding of our state government. 4-H groups toured the Capitol, the Supreme Court, or other areas of historical interest.

congress1 congress3

4-H groups gathered on the Capitol steps for the 4-H Rally and a group photo. Kailey Blaylock, President of the Virginia 4-H Cabinet welcomed everyone to 4-H Day at the Capitol and Jasmine Johnson and Madeline Harris, Central District Ambassadors, held the flags for the pledges. Dr. Ed Jones, Director, Virginia Cooperative Extension, welcomed everyone and spoke about Virginia 4-H impacts. First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe spoke about the importance of 4-H youth development and civic engagement. Secretary of Agriculture, Basil Gooden, Secretary of Commerce, Todd Haymore, President Makola M. Abdullah, Virginia State University, Dr. Ed Jones and Dr. Cathy Sutphin, Associate Director Virginia 4-H participated in the 4-H Rally interacting with the various 4-H groups.


The Virginia 4-H Foundation hosted a Legislative Open House on Monday, January 23, 2017. Legislators interacted with the 4-H Cabinet and 4-H Foundation Board members learning more about the impacts of Virginia 4-H and the importance of 4-H positive youth development to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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