Abby Durheim Shares Her Citizen Washington Focus Experience

Written by Abby Durheim


The Inaugural Citizenship Washington Focus: Presidential Inauguration was a huge success. As a political enthusiast myself, participating in the peaceful transition of power was very empowering. Taking the knowledge of what was happening on Capitol Hill and actively applying it to our group discussion was the main focus of the conference. I had the opportunity to meet people from across the nation and learn about how their location, demographics, and project areas influenced their political ideology. Advancing my networking skills as well as enhancing my discussion abilities was definitely one of the major highlights of this experience. As a result of the conference, my appreciation for diversity and discussion has only grown. Entering a discussion with the full understanding that everyone brings something different to the table was understood and communicated from the beginning. With that understanding, delegates quickly jumped in head first into deep democratic conversations. Virginia was well represented with six excellent delegates. We made lifelong friendships and built life skills that will shape our future. Thank you to everyone who supported our journey to witness first hand the peaceful transition of power!

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