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Ellwood Thompson’s Food Hub: Farm Incubator Opportunity for Small and Beginning Farmers


ET Food Hub Explained
ET Food Hub Farmer Application – Due March 31

Dear Potential ET Food Hub Beginning farmer partner:

 Did you know that over half of all beginning farm businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation?  Ellwood Thompsons (ET) Produce Educator-Heather DeMascio and Virginia State University College of Agriculture (VSU-COA) Cooperative Extension-Dr. Theresa Nartea are teaming together to make a positive change in increasing the success rate for Virginia beginning farm businesses. 

 VSU-COA and ET are working together to develop an ET Food Hub model targeted at priority purchasing from minority and women farmers who have owned and operated their farm for less than five years and who farm within a 100 mile driving distance from the ET store located at 4 N Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221.  Through an unique partnership with VSU-COA, selected farmer applicants will receive educational training to successfully sell directly to ET and develop their diversified marketing strategy to ensure continuing business success.

Dr. Theresa Nartea & Heather DeMascio

2014 Aquaculture Forum: The Next Level

This April 16th workshop will feature growing fish in cages from 9:30am – 3:30pm at Tide Right in Saluda, VA. $10.

Topics will include:

  • Processing
  • Cage Production
  • Cage Design and Construction
  • Marketing, CSA

For more information, view the brochure: 2014 Aquaculture Workshop
Please register by April 9 at

**Note: This meeting is separate from the local meetings to follow the initial community aquaculture meeting that was held on February 18 in Keysville. The agenda for those meetings is still being finalized and will be advertised when prepared.