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MARE Center Undergraduate Summer Internship

The MARE Center’s Undergraduate Summer Internship is open to applications for summer 2016!



Objective: To help prepare undergraduate students for careers in the equine industry, academia or the veterinary sciences through applying classroom knowledge in a real world setting and learning new skills through meaningful research and Extension projects.

The internship will be offered in summer 2016 and is located at the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MARE Center) a 420 acre equine facility located in the heart of Virginia’s horse country. This is an immersive learning environment for those students who are sincere in their desire to secure employment in the equine industry and/or pursue post-baccalaureate education in graduate or veterinary school. This novel program provides substantive and authentic experiences that result in the ultimate capstone experience.

Interns will assist with all ongoing research and Extension activities at the MARE Center. Each intern will be assigned a specific project area. Project areas will include topics such as equine nutrition and health, pasture management, conservation and land stewardship, equine reproduction, and youth development (4-H). Interns will be involved with all aspects of their specified project including literature review, protocol development, experimental design, data collection, data recording, and data analyses. Interns will have the opportunity to disseminate knowledge gained through their project in an Extension or research publication or presentation. An essential component of the internship will be developing leadership and communication skills while building networks within the equine industry through Extension activities. Interns will gain practical hands-on experience operating a 420 acre farm. Management experience will include daily horse care, nutritional management, young horse handling, reproductive management, pasture and forage management, and potential management of other livestock.

Upon completion of the internship, students will gain appreciation of and proficiency in skills necessary to work within the equine industry. Interns will develop a greater understanding of the scientific method, including experimental design and implementation. Additionally students will improve upon life skills including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership, collaboration and organization.

This internship is appropriate for students entering their junior or senior year in the fall semester following the internship. The internship is open to current undergraduate students at Virginia Tech or any other institution in the United States or Canada. Students graduating in May 2016 will also be considered. The internship generally runs from early- to mid-May through mid-August, and is tailored to each student. Current students may receive college credit if desired and will be responsible for tuition and fees. Transfer credits will be the student’s responsibility. Internships will include shared housing and utilities. Interns must provide evidence of renter’s insurance.

Interested students should complete the application form and submit required documents by February 5, 2016 for consideration for Summer 2016. For further information, please contact Shayan Ghajar: sghajar@vt.edu 540-687-3521 ext 26. Application forms may be downloaded HERE.

MARE Center Summer Internship

Franklin County Mini Educational Equine Affaire

Join Virginia Cooperative Extension on March 29, 2014 in Rocky Mount, VA for a Excellent Equine Program.  Guest speakers will be cover the following topics: Hoof Care and Balance, Myoscope and Acuscope therapy, Natural horsemanship and safe handling, Digital hoof x-rays, reproduction, nutrition and pasture management, and teaching the riding instructor.  Flyer 3.10.14 page 2 Flyer 3.10.14mpage1


Register Now for the Southern Piedmont Equine Extravaganza on April 5th

Virginia Cooperative Extension in cooperation with the Virginia Horse Industry Board and the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council will be holding the annual Southern Piedmont Equine Extravaganza on Saturday, April 5th at the Goochland campus of Reynolds Community College. Keynote speakers include Dr. Scott Pleasant and Travis Burns from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Chris Teutsch from the Southern Piedmont AREC. Topics and demonstrations include parasite control, fecal egg counts, shoeing, hoof problems, forages, feed management, and preparing horses for participation in the sport of mounted shooting. See the flyer for more details, hope to see you there! You may email laurab08@vt.edu or rgrosse@vt.edu to request a PDF copy of the flyer.

Equine Conference Page 1 (2) Equine Conference Page 2 (2)


Equine Conference Set for April 5th

Mark your calendar for the Equine Extravaganza on April 5th at the Goochland campus of Reynolds Community College. Speakers include Dr. Scott Pleasant and farrier Travis Burns of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine as well as Dr. Chris Teustch, Rachel Grosse, Laura Siegle, and a member of the Gunnin’ and Runnin’ Mounted Shooting Club. Speakers will provide discussions and demonstrations related to hoof problems, shoeing, parasite control, fecal egg counts, forages, feed management, and mounted shooting.

Flyer and details will be posted soon. For questions or to be notified when event registration opens, please email laurab08@vt.edu or rgrosse@vt.edu.