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Dairy Forage Field Days

Forage Meeting-May 14th at 1:30-4 at the Charlotte County Extension Office and May 15th, 9-11:30 at Ameva Farm in Amelia. This meeting is primarily geared towards dairy forages but may benefit anyone who works with silage or haylage. If you are interested in EITHER date, please call (804 561 2481) or email (laurab08@vt.edu). Please RSVP in advance so that we can notify you of any changes-in the event of heavy rain, the Amelia event may be moved to the Extension office.

Dairy Forage Meetings (2)

50 dairy cows for sale

Harmon Beckner has 50 milking cows ranging in all lactations he is looking to sell.  They are not registered but he has DHI records to go with all of them.  Avg milk production is 70 lbs, 4.1% fat, and 3.2% Protein milking 2X.  90 percent of the herd is Holstein with a few Jersey mixes in the bunch.  If you know a farmer looking to buy some cows, please have them call Harmon Beckner at 540-420-2517.