Getting Your Kitchen Organized

It seems as though many of us are continually searching for ideas to de-clutter our homes and re-organize our kitchens.  With spring rapidly approaching, you may already be looking for ideas for prepare for your annual “spring cleaning.”   According to Iowa State University’s Extension and Outreach “Spend Smart. East Smart.” blog, …kitchen re-organization can also help consumers save money.    The blog  suggests three common themes for kitchen organization:  1) Create “centers” in your kitchen around common activities; 2) Get rid of items you are not using; and 3) Store the items you use the most between your shoulders and knees and in the front where you can most see it.  Tips and ideas for kitchen reorganization can easily be incorporated into your Master Food Volunteer trainings and community classes.  You might even consider having a cooking utensil “swap” activity with your Master Food Volunteers and add needed utensils and tools to your classroom cooking/teaching kits while helping each other get rid of items not being used at home.   Stay tuned to the Spend Smart. Eat Smart blog weekly entries for the month of January 2013.  The blog will feature a new entry each week to focus on kitchen organization.