Win Iden is recipient of the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center’s President’s Award 2013

Robert F. Kube, Board President of the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center presented Win Iden with the President’s Award for Excellence at the Annual Board Meeting and Banquet in April.

The President’s award was started by John Mayhugh several years ago when he was Board President to acknowledge outstanding service by a 4-H Center Employee.   The individual needs to show initiative and interest in the 4-H Center and a willingness to go the second mile of the way when needed.  The individual recognized needs to be cooperative, have good work habits, have a good attitude and be willing to work with all 4-H Center departments.

Win camped at this 4-H Center as a 4-H’er and also served as a teen leader for Warren County 4-H camp.  After graduation from college,  he  worked in the Warren County Extension Office as an Extension Technician from 2001 – 2005.  Win served as Program Director at the Southwest 4-H Educational Center in Abingdon from 2005 – 2010.  He returned to the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center to serve as Program Director in 2010.

Congratulations Win!

Photo: Win and his mentor, Sam.  He won the President's award tonight and she was there to see it! :)

               Win with his mentor Sam Fisher at the Awards Banquet


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