4-H Foundation Board Member Inspires Camp Staff

Mary Miller inspiring the Virginia Camp Staff of 2013

Mary Miller inspiring the Virginia Camp Staff of 2013

Mary Miller is president and founder of Interactive Design and
Development, Inc., a successful, award-winning information technology
firm in Blacksburg, Va.. She received both her master of information
science as well as her doctorate in instructional design from Virginia
Tech.   A Board member of the 4-H Foundation and strong supporter of the camping program, Mary  worked at camp at the Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center early in her career.  Her camp name was ‘Meatloaf’ Mary and she taught crafts and worked in the kitchen.

Mary served as the inspirational speaker for the 2013 State 4-H Camp Staff Training which encompasses all six 4-H Center staffs (over 85 total).  Relating to the role of camp staffer, Mary reiterated the importance of the journey they were about to embark on for the summer.   Sharing stories from her time on staff,  she recalled the faces, smiles, and laughter that to this day still bring her joy!

“You are so very special!  You have been given an opportunity that only a few are afforded, the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children throughout the summer.  Some of these children have never been away from home, some have never swam in a pool, others will experience the pure joy  of play for the first time.  They will look to you, camp counselors, for guidance and  enthusiasm,” said ‘Meatloaf” Mary.

Camp Counselors do Make a Difference:

Thank you Mary Miller for sharing, caring and inspiring!

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