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  1. John Crumpacker

    At the fruit meeting I noticed that you had run irrigation this year. The question is; how do you decide when to irrigate? Do you have soil moisture indicators or just by the way the soil looks?
    A number of grower resist irrigating which I believe is a mistake, given the many benefits even in a normal season. If you would agree, maybe some of the benefits could be noted in a fruit meeting.
    D. Michael Glenn a soil Scientist at USDA-ARS Kearneysville, WV did extensive research at the Bowman Wunder Orchard. His work is published in the Journal of Tree Fruit Production, Vol. 2(2) 1999 if you would like to review it.
    I have a copy if you would like to borrow it.

  2. Judy Moritz

    I am interested in growing apricot trees in my orchard and would like to get some recommendations from VPI for how to get started


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