Clarification on bifenthrin use in Virginia

Greetings, In my last post I attached Section 18 labels from 2012 for the bifenthrin-based products, Brigade, Bifenture 10DF, and Bifenture EC, since I wanted to notify you of the approval but had not received labels for 2013. Please note that although the 2012 labels show a use period starting July 20 in Virginia apple, peaches and nectarines, in 2013 these products can be used from June 7 through October 15.

Until next time, best wishes – Chris

2 thoughts on “Clarification on bifenthrin use in Virginia

  1. garrick giebel


    suddenly bmsb much worse. i have the venom label which includes stone fruits. is bifentrin labelled for cherries? will it knock them down permanently or just temporarily?

    tough season. rain, hail, bears, now bmsb

    Cherries on top

    1. Chris Bergh Post author

      Garrick, No, bifenthrin does not have a label for cherries, Sorry. Your best bet right now would be dinotefuran (Venom or Scorpion), since they have a 3-d PHI


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