Bifenthrin Section 18 approved for apple, peach and nectarine in Virginia

Greetings,  On June 20 the Environmental Protection Agency approved a Section 18 Emergency Exemption for use of the bifenthrin-based products, Brigade WSB, Bifenture EC, and Bifenture 10DF against brown marmorated stink bug in apples, peaches, and nectarines in Virginia. Please note that this exemption applies only to the products mentioned above. Applications must be made by ground only, at a rate of 0.08 to 0.2 lb active ingredient (a.i.) per acre, with not more than 0.5 lb a.I. per acre per season. These rates equate to 5.12 – 12.8 fl oz of Bifenture EC, 12.8 – 32.0 oz of Bifenture 10DF, and 12.8 – 32.0 oz of Brigade WSB per acre. Do not apply more than 32 fl oz of Bifenture EC, 80 oz of Bifenture 10DF, or 72 oz of Brigade WSB per acre per season. Multiple applications may be made per season, at a minimum interval of 30 days. The REI is 12 hours and the PHI is 14 days. This insecticide is extremely toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates and bees, and all precautions to avoid these exposures must be observed. This Emergency Exemption expires on October 15, 2014.

One thought on “Bifenthrin Section 18 approved for apple, peach and nectarine in Virginia

  1. Cansu

    Have half acre of 46 varieties of fruit and nut trees, asstd berry srhbus vines and groundcovers as well as perennial and annual vegetables all grown poison free. (yes I plant close and use many dwarf trees or multi-grafted trees). (Aberdeen, MD) Hand squashed many of the horrors last spring and summer then in fall used Simple Green to spray some on cole crops and lettuces(1 to 10 ratio) Had only 7 in house all winter. Have found about a dozen in yard in last few weeks mostly in currogated cardboard I save to cover veggie beds to kill weeds before planting . Spraying with Simple Green ( a sassafras and soap product) kills them in less than three minutes slow but sure -nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, biodegradable . Side effect of Simple Green spray is surprising enlargement growth of leaves in 10 days. Larger ratio of simple Green to water (as 1 to 3) can damage the leaves of delicate plants. Another good side effect is curing or preventing some blights and fungus and bacterial problems. Have done only a little of this experimentation of disease eradication as I also use asprin water as a spray and garlic/Ivory soap as a spray. Soooo wish all the researchers would try working with sassafras leaves as a solution to the BMSB. The company that makes Simple Green cannot publicize their product as a bug spray due to EPA regulations.


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