Insecticide information update


An insecticide from Syngenta, called Minecto Pro, is now labeled for use in pome and stone fruit in Virginia. This pre-mixture product contains cyantraniliprole, which has strong activity against moth larvae and a range of other pests, and the miticide, abamectin.  Cyantraniliprole and abamectin are the active ingredients in Exirel and Agri-Mek, respectively.  The product is toxic to bees, therefore cannot be used until petal-fall or later and has additional label language related to this issue. In pome and stone fruit, its rate range is 8-12 fl oz/acre, depending on the pest(s) targeted. It is labeled for use against moth larvae, spider and rust mites, pear psylla, rosy apple aphid, black cherry aphid, European apple sawfly, spotted wing drosophila, and a number of others. Because it contains abamectin for mites, it is an early-season product that must be applied with an adjuvant for UV-protection and before the foliage hardens. No more than 2 sequential applications are allowed per season, with a minimum 21-day reapplication interval and a seasonal maximum of 24 fl oz/acre. It has a 12-hour REI and a preharvest interval of 28 days in pome fruit and 21 days in stone fruit. See the label at the following link, which also contains information about tank-mixing with some fungicides and other important information.

Another pre-mixed product from Syngenta, Voliam Xpress, has been given a new trade name, Besiege. It has the same concentration of the active ingredients, chlorantraniliprole or Altacor, and lambda-cyhalothrin, or Warrior and will be sold at a reduced price compared with its previous version.

Finally, we anticipate word from EPA soon about its decision regarding the fate of chlorpyrifos (Lorsban and others). Renewal applications for the Section 18 Emergency Exemptions for bifenthrin and dinotefuran against brown marmorated stink bug in pome and stone fruit have been submitted to the EPA and I will keep you posted about those.

Until next time, best wishes.

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