Continued codling moth captures at Winchester AREC


I wanted to let you know that, as of today, our weekly captures of codling moth here at the Winchester AREC increased over the last week and were the highest they’ve been since late July. We’re not certain that the DD model is reflecting the activity of third brood codling moth particularly well this year, so I would urge you to pay attention to your codling moth pressure, especially if average weekly captures exceed the threshold of 5 moths/trap, which would warrant control. Also a reminder that the flight of fourth generation oriental fruit moth adults, which peaks in mid-September or so, is typically quite large. Captures of this pest that exceed the threshold of 10 moths/trap/week would trigger management. Altacor (4-hour REI, 5- day PHI), Delegate (4-hour REI, 7-day PHI), and Exirel (12-hour REI, 3-day PHI) are excellent options for both pests. CheckMate OFM-F sprayable pheromone (0-hour REI, 0-day PHI) is also a strong option for oriental fruit moth, and should provide protection through the remainder of the season. The product, Besiege (formerly Voliam Xpress), is a premixture of Altacor and the pyrethroid, lambda-cyhalothrin, and would have strong activity against the moth pests and brown marmorated stink bug (REI 24 hours, PHI 21 days).

Until next time, best wishes.

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