Codling moth biofix and degree days


Despite quite low codling moth (CM) captures in pheromone traps in the blocks where they are deployed this year, I have set CM biofix at Winchester for May 1, which is right on target with the historical average for this area. Until we have the 2019 management tables updated for posting, I will post information about degree day (DD) accumulations as related to management timing via text updates.

Based on the output from the NEWA website (, using data from the Winchester AREC weather station, as of today (May 8) 128 DD have accumulated since CM biofix. The 5-day forecast for CM degree days is as follows: May 9 (144), May 10 (160), May 11 (171), May 12 (180), May 13 (188). Recall that the management threshold for CM, based on captures in pheromone traps, is an average of 5 or more moths per trap per week.

Rimon targeting CM eggs is an excellent option at this time, although the recommended timing (50 – 150 DD) is now and the window for that is closing quickly. Assail, Belay, Esteem, or Intrepid are optimally timed at 150 DD, which is also fast approaching. All other products for first brood CM larvae control (e.g. Altacor, Delegate, Exirel, Minecto Pro, Imidan, Lannate, CM virus, Voliam Flexi) are best timed at about 250 DD, which is expected to occur at some point between the middle and latter portion of next week. Again, I will continue to post text messages for now and will let you know when the regular tables, etc. are available.

Until next time, best wishes. – Chris


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