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Master Food Volunteers at the Arlington County Fair

The Arlington County Fair took place on August 9-11 and the Master Food Volunteers (MFVs) played a prominent role in VCE’s exhibit. Thanks to a team of energetic and creative MFVs—Katie Savarese, Holly Rowe, and Julia Schneider—we designed an interactive exhibit full of plenty of things to keep visitors busy. Volunteers chopped up honeylope melons donated by Twin Springs Fruit Farm and allowed visitors to sample them plain or dipped in coconut and lime juice. Visitors also got to make their own salt-free herb and spice mixes by making different combinations of basil, garlic powder, dill, cumin, and oregano. Fair visitors could also test their knowledge by playing the nutrition fact or fiction game, share their favorite food memories, enter a raffle for $25 gift cards, and pick up wallet-size cards with daily nutrition tips.

The lead MFV team was also joined by MFVs Nancy Broff, Kristin Bruce, Aleksandra Damsz, Dorothy Dempsey, Shari Henry, Marney Michalowski and Michal Warshow who put in shifts at the exhibit. Special thanks to our summer intern Carrie Vergel de Dios for creating many of the materials used in the display.