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New Volunteers, Round 2

bean game team 1

We trained 34 new volunteers to serve as financial coaches in early September. Our regular fall training followed our expedited training for financial professionals in August. Eight financial professionals joined our ranks last month.

This brings us to a record 42 new volunteers! Volunteers make our programs possible, so the turnout makes my heart sing.

E and J

A very big thank you to our friends and partners who spread the word about our recruitment drive. An especially big thanks goes to Community Tax Aid‘s Teresa Hinze who sent an email blast to her volunteers. Community Tax Aid was our top source of volunteers — 13. Our second biggest source of volunteers was the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants, with 6 volunteers. Thanks to David Bass for including our recruitment drive in his group’s message board.

We also owe thanks to: DC-Hispanic Employee Network, the Hispanic Committee of Northern Virginia Family Service, Volunteer Arlington, The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors DC study group, Arlington Neighborhood College, Leadership Arlington, Care 4 Your Future and Georgetown University Center for Continuing & Professional Education Certificate in Financial Planning. Say that five times fast.

Our next training for Master Financial Education Volunteers is April 18 & 25, 2015. Both sessions are mandatory. To register, please contact me at Megan.Kuhn@vt.edu or call 703-228-6421.

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New Volunteers, Round 1


Eight people joined the ranks of our Master Financial Education Volunteers on August 16th. The newbies include an affordable housing developer who speaks both Arabic and Vietnamese, two Spanish speakers and a mix of young professionals and retirees.

While their motivation for volunteering varied, these individuals had one factor in common: prior professional or volunteer experience in financial counseling and or money management instruction. For the first time, we offered an expedited volunteer training for finance-minded professionals.

jay. dinan and jose

Please welcome: Tom Hoopengardner, Donna Di Felice, Eric Miller, José Olivas, Diana Yacob, Katrin Kark, Jay Dowling and Thu Nguyen.

Thu and Katrin

Of course we don’t require prior financial experience to volunteer with Extension. Our regular, 2-day volunteer training is slated for Sept. 6 and Sept. 13.

Donna, Tom and Eric

Kids Learn About Spending Money at Kids Marketplace

Last Monday we ran a Kids Marketplace simulation with 23 kids attending a summer program at Arlington’s Patrick Henry Elementary School.  KM Patrick Henry 2013 003 The kids enjoyed chatting with each station’s volunteers, who either coaxed them into spending wisely or into buying more than they needed.  KM Patrick Henry 2013 001Some kids found they could afford multiple pets, while others shared housing to reduce expenses.  One kid saved nearly 50% of his doctor’s salary.

For more pictures, visit our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/VceFinancialEducationProgramArlingtonCounty

If you would like to organize a Kids Marketplace at your elementary school, please contact Jennifer Abel at jabel@vt.edu or 703-228-6417.

Kids Marketplace has kids at Oakridge Elementary demanding more

KM Oakridge 2013 014 “Save money!”

This was the mantra exclaimed by 4th graders from Oakridge Elementary School today after completing the Kids Marketplace financial simulation.  Each student was assigned an occupation at random with a certain monthly income (it differed from student to student), and they were required to visit all 10 stations to spend their money on expenses, including housing, transportation, saving, animal care, fun, charitable contributions, groceries, clothing, personal care/medical insurance, and chance, where the unexpected can strike.  Approximately 60 students engaged in the event this morning.

Some of the feedback after the class was very thoughtful:
–          “You can’t always just buy the stuff you want”
–          “Get a house or car before fun”
–          “You can get poor really, really fast”
–          “The money you can spend is based on your income”
–          “Even if your friends are buying it, you should look at how much you spend”
–          “It helps to have a roommate when buying a house”

KM Oakridge 2013 013The students learned a lot about financial decision-making with a constrained income, but they also had a lot of fun.  (One girl asked that we “please pleeeease come back next year.”)  Thank you to Joan, Gail, Jack, Geri, Elizabeth, and Donna, as well as the staff from Oakridge and our Arlington County VCE office who helped make this event possible!

To view more photos, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VceFinancialEducationProgramArlingtonCounty

Kids Marketplace event draws new volunteers

Volunteer Arlington Day, sponsored by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, provided an opportunity for VCE staff and Master Financial Education Volunteers to partner with staff from the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union and DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC-Crystal City to provide a KIDS’ MARKETPLACE simulation at Randolph Elementary School.

On April 23rd 109 fourth and fifth graders at Randolph Elementary School in Arlington experienced this interactive program which introduces financial concepts in age-appropriate terms while having fun. The more than 20 volunteers staffed stations like Housing, Groceries, Sharing, Saving, and Animal Shelter and helped students make spending decisions based on the hypothetical jobs they were given.

This was great exposure for VCE to the corporate volunteers, many of whom were not previously aware of the many services we provide. Volunteers all requested to be asked to participate in future programs.KM Randolph 2013 009