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Mt. Vernon Power On Tackles 4-H NYSD Experiment Maps & Apps!


2013 4-H National Youth Science Day is right around the corner! This year Alexandria 4-H and the National 4-H Council partnered to kick things off with a bang. 4th and 5th graders from Mt. Vernon Recreation Center Power On! program were among the first in the county to try out the new experiment, Maps & Apps! This year’s experiment gives 4-Her’s the opportunity to think like a geospatial scientist using the geographic inquiry process and create their ideal park. National Youth Science Day is an annual event designed to promote 4-H’s effort to encourage youth participate in science based education and pursue scientific careers. 2013 National Youth Science Day officially takes place on Wednesday October 9. If you’re interested in learning more about this year’s experiment or would like to take a crack at it yourself, join Alexandria & Arlington 4-H on Monday October 14, from 10:00 am – Noon at Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria VA.

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Hope see you on October 14

Reggie Morris, 4-H Youth Development – City of Alexandria

Marvelous Melon Munching at the Old Town Farmers Market

On August 24 Master Food Volunteers Kim Frey and Casandra Lawson added a new facet to their monthly educational exhibit at the Old Town Farmers Market in Alexandria—food tasting! Several farmer vendors at the market donated an array of sweet and juicy melons that Kim and Casandra cut up and offered to over 300 hungry market visitors. Market goers got to try the melons dipped in lime juice, shredded coconut, basil, mint, and lemon balm. All of the melons were locally grown, so the tasting helps to showcase the many ways to enjoy in-season local produce.

In addition to the popular melon tasting, Kim and Casandra also shared recipes and general nutrition information. They will return to the market on Sept. 28th to offer samples of a tasty zucchini, tomato, and basil salad, so be sure to visit the Old Town farmers market between 9:30 and 12:00.

melon sampler

How to Bring Up a Delicate Subject (Finances) to a Loved One or Friend

By Joan C. Smith, Master Financial Education Volunteer

Times are tough. Layoffs abound. Companies are cutting back with staff reductions, furloughs, etc. We’ve all heard these terms in the news, we read about it all over the internet. However, hearing and reading about these terms and having it hit a spouse, relative, and/or close friend(s) takes on another dimension.

layoff line 2What if your spouse, fiancé, best friend, etc. loses their job? What if they have no warning or advanced notice?

This happens all of the time. In fact, I have experienced almost more layoffs over my working career than I have fingers! Trying to help, offer advice, etc. can be extremely difficult depending upon the person’s personality, how well they deal with difficulty, etc. It can also be increasingly difficult to give advice when and/or if a person may appear to “have it all together.”

What can one do?

One way to address a delicate situation may be as little as one click away. If having a conversation isn’t an option, maybe having someone else do the talking via the internet is a viable option. Here’s one of many excellent sites that may gently address the issue:

Check out the links on this blog and the Virginia Cooperative Extension website for more tips.

Many times, it is difficult for people to consider downsizing by moving to a smaller place.  Reducing and/or downgrading cable services is a huge issue for some, but often may be necessary. Downgrading cable/internet services is as easy as one phone call. It’s a quick and easy process when you need some immediate relief.

If you want to learn how VCE can help you, please contact Jennifer Abel at 703-228-6417 and learn about our classes and one-on-one financial counseling.

VCE ANR to present Fall Lawn Care at National Arboretum

Fall Lawn Care: Do it Now! is a regional fall lawn care program that takes place on Saturday September 14, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Offered by the National Arboretum, the event includes a lectures, displays, and weed ID walk at the Visitor Center 3501 New York Ave. NE Washington, DC 20002 The programs described below will be presented by Arlington County Extension Agent Kirsten Buhls and Master Gardener Joyce Hylton.

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Love it or hate it, you’ve probably got some lawn. Did you know that fall is the best time to do maintenance and revitalization work? Don’t wait until spring – do it now! Some of the most effective practices are also some of the simplest and will produce healthy results that will last through the upcoming growing season. Drop in between 9:00 and noon to talk with experts about every aspect of fall lawn care. Take home information and about seeding, fertilizing, weeds, pests, mowing, leaf management, bay-safe lawns, organic lawn care, and more. Attend a presentation on best fall lawn care practices at10:00 am, and then walk the grounds with an expert who will identify weeds, pests, diseases, and answer your questions. Presented by DC, Maryland, and Virginia Extension Agents, Volunteers, and Specialists. This program is part of the Arboretum’s Grass Roots Initiative; visit our web site for more information. Free. For registration information, call 202-245-4521