About the Virginia AG Pest Advisory

The¬†Virginia Ag Pest Advisory, was created to improve dissemination of IPM information. In the past, clientele could receive a jumble of information regarding pest management, often from several different sources. In July 2004 we launched the Virginia Ag Pest Advisory (http://www.sripmc.org/virginia) in cooperation with the Southern Region IPM Center in Raleigh, NC. The advisory is a database-driven website that compiles pest updates from multiple IPM specialists. Specialists enter their update(s) at a time that is convenient and each entry is categorized by commodity and pest group and identified by a brief title. The compiled advisory in a newsletter format is automatically emailed once a week to the recipient list (currently over 350 individuals). Individual entries can be viewed, or the entire newsletter. The advantage of this system to the recipient is that it is a single-source provider of updated pest information — everything is in one location and users become accustomed to having it delivered at the same time each week.

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