Controlling brown marmorated stink bugs in sweet corn

I was contacted recently by a VCE Agent in Frederick Co. Mark Sutphin about my recommendations for stink bug bug control in sweet corn. Frederick Co., VA is one of the counties that has very high densities of the invasive brown marmorated stink bug. After sending him my reply, I thought that others in Virginia may also benefit from this information. So here it is below:

Fortunately for sweet corn producers, unlike tree fruit growers, BMSB should not cause any drastic changes in chemical control strategies unless the grower is relying primarily on transgenic Bt sweet corn for worm control.
Bt will not control stink bugs. Most of the insecticides that growers are already spraying on sweet corn should control BMSB. These include the following below:

beta-cyfluthrin – 1.6-2.8 fl oz/A Baythroid XL
bifenthrin – 2.1-6.4 fl oz/A Bifenture (or Brigade, Sniper, or OLF) Not labeled in coastal counties
chlorpyrifos 1-2 pts/A Lorsban 4E (or OLF)
chlorpyrifos + gamma-cyhalothrin – 13-26 fl oz/A Cobalt
cyfluthrin – 1.6-2.8 fl oz/A Tombstone (or OLF)
gamma–cyhalothrin – 2.56-3.84 fl oz/A Proaxis
lambda-cyhalothrin – 1.28-1.92 fl oz/A Warrior II or 2.56-3.84 fl oz/A Lambda-Cy (LambdaT, Silencer, or OLF)
lambda-cyhalothrin + chlorantraniliprole – 6-9 fl oz/A Voliam xpress
methomyl – 0.75-1.5 pts Lannate LV
permethrin – 4-8 fl oz/A Permethrin 3.2EC (Perm-UP, Pounce 3.2EC or OLF)
zeta-cypermethrin – 2.24-4 fl oz/A Mustang MAX (or OLF)
zeta-cypermethrin + bifenthrin-Not labeled in coastal counties 4.5-11.2 fl oz/A Hero EW

Click More News to download a copy of the insecticide performance report based on our research on vegetable crops in Virginia in 2011.
In the western portions of Virginia, probably applications twice per week during silking and until harvest should control them even under heavy pest pressure. In eastern counties, insecticide applications at least 3 times per week are probably needed to control both corn earworm and the BMSB.

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Additional information: summary-of-insecticide-performance-on-bmsb-nov2011-docx

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