Insect update for July 20, 2017

This week, our black light trap operators reported a range of zero to 8.5 corn earworm/bollworm moths per night and zero to 2.7 brown marmorated stink bugs per night. The tables are in this pdf file: BLT_20_Jul_2017

The corn earworm/bollworm pyrethroid resistance monitoring program is averaging about 36% moth survival. These are pheromone trap-collected moths from Suffolk, Virginia. The pyrethroid is cypermethrin at 5 micrograms per vial.

Virginia Cooperative Extension ANR Agents, Virginia Tech personnel, interns, and others have started our annual field corn survey for corn earworm/bollworm larvae. It can be an indicator of the pressure that we’ll see in other crops (e.g., soybean) when the moths emerge and fly out of corn fields. We’ll have a full report in the beginning of August (including data from many more counties), but here are the average ear infestations from those surveys already completed (based on sampling 50 ears per field, 5 fields per county): Accomack=29%; Henrico=37%; Southampton=53%; Amelia=18%; Westmoreland=6%.