Zeal soybean label for spider mites

The following information was provided by John Cranmer at Valent U.S.A. Corporation:

“The EPA has approved Zeal for use in soybeans to control spider mites.  The unique  translaminar movement of Zeal SC reaches mites where they hide and feed, on the underside of the soybean leaves. Formulated as a liquid soluble concentrate, Zeal SC is friendly for the aerial applicator, with easy mixing and a low use rate to treat more acres per load.  Soybeans are the latest new crop registration for Zeal SC, following recent expansions into field corn, cotton and melons.”

The states have been notified; watch for approvals for the Zeal soybean label from your state(s) to come in.  The supplemental label is attached here: 59639-202_Zeal SC_2016-ZSC-0010.soybean.XNY