A Warm Welcome to Dan Redmond

My name is Dan Redmond, the interim VCE Master
Gardener Coordinator. I had the pleasure of completing the
Master Gardening training course in 2012, and I am currently a
VCE MG trainee. Although I have only taken the MG course,
I have gardened for food production about eight years, the last
four of which was used for distribution to those in need at my
son’s elementary school. I remember my preschool days in the
vegetable garden with my mother, and enjoy seeing my young
boys delight in the fruits of their garden labors.
In 2012, I also completed a graduate degree in
Sustainability and Environmental Management, researching
water use for energy production and community resilience to
climate change. Other interests are urban agriculture, solar
power, and electrical vehicles. Our home and car are partly
powered by energy from the sun. I also regularly go on
gleaning excursions for AFAC to local farms; with a corps of
other volunteers, we can often harvest 1,000-2,000 pounds of
fresh produce on a Saturday morning. Feel free to ask me
questions about these topics if we share similar interests.
I look forward to working with you on VCE
programming as the growing season commences!

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