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Late blight was found in Accomack County, VA yesterday on potato. Growers on the Eastern Shore and other areas of the Commonwealth should scout their fields and take preventative measures. Please let us know if you have any questions. For more information on this potentially devastating disease of potato and tomato visit:


Late blight found in NC

Late blight has been confirmed in North Carolina on potato.  Few details are known right now regarding the intensity of this outbreak, but, it is focused around the Elizabeth City, NC area.  Potato and tomato growers, particularly those in the SE part of the Commonwealth should be diligent about scouting their crops and consider protective fungicides.  Please let us know if you have further questions and we will continue to update everyone as we learn more.


Late blight found on Tomato in Leesburg, VA

Unfortunately, late blight has been confirmed in Leesburg, VA by the Plant Disease Clinic in Blacksburg. Potato and tomato growers (especially in the northern part of the Commonwealth) should take precautionary actions and increase scouting. For more information on late blight please refer to the extension publication link about this potentially devastating disease. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Late Blight in Virginia

Today we identified late blight on tomato plants on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The plants had recently been sprayed and were not sporulating actively. Growers should scout and take preventative measures. Hopefully drier conditions will suppress spread of the disease. Univ. of Maryland reports late blight of tomato in Montgomery Co., MD. Growers in the northern parts of the state should be alert as well.

Website to Monitor Soybean Rust

The recent rainy conditions and movement of Tropical Storm Andrea from south to north have increased the concern about soybean rust by area soybean producers. We will continue to scout for the disease and monitor its movement. Currently, the closest reports of soybean rust are in southern Georgia/Alabama. You can follow the movement of soybean rust at the USDA Public PIPE Website for SBR at: