Corn earworm report–August 13, 2020

Average nightly corn earworm/bollworm moth black light trap captures for this week were: Dinwiddie = 26; Greensville =4; Prince George-Templeton = 9; Prince George-Disputanta = 6; Southampton = 8; Suffolk = 23. Thanks to our Agents and Growers for their efforts. Here is the data table

Sally Taylor and her entomology program sampled a Cotton Incorporated sponsored planting date experiment today at the Tidewater AREC in Suffolk, VA. We found 2 to 6.5% bollworm-injured bolls in conventional (non-genetically protected against bollworm) cotton. In our Virginia Soybean Board experiment with maturity groups 4 and 5 full-season soybean (beginning pod growth stage), we had 2.3 to 5 corn earworm larvae and up to 3 soybean looper larvae per 15 sweeps.