Corn earworm update for Aug. 2, 2023

Corn earworm moth catches are starting to pick up in our black light traps, but at this point are still fairly low. Sara Rutherford in Greensville (Jarratt) averaged 6.8 moths per night; Scott Reiter in Prince George had 3 per night in Templeton and 1.5 per night in Disputanta; the Tidewater AREC entomology team (Benjamin McManaway and Gwenyth Gregory) captured an average of 4.4 moths per night in Suffolk. Here is the Table

Pheromone trap catches of corn earworm moths in Suffolk increased this week–we are using these moths as part of our insecticide resistance monitoring program. So far we have tested 76 moths, with 17.6% surviving a 24-hour exposure to cypermethrin (a pyrethroid insecticide).