Monitoring Fall armyworm, Pickleworm, and Corn Earworm in Virginia – Week of August 19

By Kelly McIntyre1, Helene Doughty2, Lorena Lopez2, and Tom Kuhar1

This summer and fall, we are tracking moth flight numbers around Virginia using pheromone traps for three important pests, fall armyworm (FAW), which can attack most grasses, corn, sorghum, small grains, and even alfalfa; pickleworm, which is a late season pest of squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers, and corn earworm (CEW), which attacks over 300 host plants including many of the major crops in Virginia.  FAW and pickleworm do not overwinter in Virginia and typically are carried northward in late summer on storm fronts coming from the south. 

Fall armyworms.
Fall armyworm moth
pickleworm damage
pickleworm moth.
corn earworm
corn earworm moth

Researchers have demonstrated that certain trap types are better for certain moth species.  We are monitoring fall armyworm moths using the bucket trap baited with a Trece FAW pheromone lure and placed near corn fields.  We are monitoring the presence of pickleworm moths using the Trece Deltatrap baited with the pheromone lure and placed around pumpkin fields.  Corn earworm is monitored using the Heliothis mesh trap or the Hartstack wire mesh trap, which catches the most corn earworm moths among all trap types. 

Phil Blevins, Washington County VCE Agent – ANR, standing in front of his Bt sweet corn trial adjacent to a Heliothis trap for corn earworm and a bucket trap for fall armyworm monitoring.
FW = fall armyworm; PW= pickleworm; CEW = Corn Earworm
namelocationdate checked# days since last check# FAW (if applicable)# PW (if applicable)# CEW (if applicable)
McintyreHomefield Farm – Whitethorne8/96905
McintyreWall Farm – Blacksburg8/96nana109
McintyreTurfgrass Center – Blacksburg8/96300
McintyreHomefield Farm – Whitethorne8/1781100
McintyreWall Farm – Blacksburg8/178nana
McintyreTurfgrass Center – Blacksburg8/178400
McintyreHomefield Farm – Whitethorne
McintyreWall Farm – Blacksburg
McintyreTurfgrass Center – Blacksburg
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA6/157nana30
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA6/227nana8
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA6/297nana7
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA7/67nana24
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA7/137nana5
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA7/2070na18
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA7/2770na39
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA8/372na19
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA8/129
DoughtyESAREC, Painter, VA8/175155
LopezESAREC, Painter, VA8/187na0na
FlanaganCullipher Farms, VB, VA8/18N/A340
LopezSea Breeze Farm, Cape Charles8/187na042
DeitchArlington RD – Northampton Co.8/27na8
DeitchSeaview – Northampton Co.8/27na246
DeitchMachipongo – Northampton Co.8/27na43
DeitchNassawadox – Northampton Co.8/270na
DeitchTownsend – Northampton Co.8/270na
DeitchKendall Grove – Northampton Co.8/270na
DeitchRed Bank Road – Northampton Co.8/270na
DeitchExmore – Northampton Co.8/270na
DeitchArlington RD – Northampton Co.8/97na25
DeitchSeaview – Northampton Co.8/97na3
DeitchMachipongo – Northampton Co.8/97na66
DeitchNassawadox – Northampton Co.8/97na8
DeitchTownsend – Northampton Co.8/970na
DeitchKendall Grove – Northampton Co.8/971na
DeitchRed Bank Road – Northampton Co.8/970na
DeitchExmore – Northampton Co.8/970na
DeitchArlington RD – Northampton Co.8/167na16
DeitchSeaview – Northampton Co.8/167na4
DeitchMachipongo – Northampton Co.8/167na168
DeitchNassawadox – Northampton Co.8/167na4
DeitchTownsend – Northampton Co.8/1671na
DeitchKendall Grove – Northampton Co.8/1670na
DeitchRed Bank Road – Northampton Co.8/1670na
DeitchExmore – Northampton Co.8/1670na