Monitoring Pickleworm – Week of Sep 22, 2022

By Lorena Lopez, Alejandro Del Pozo, Helene Doughty, and Tom Kuhar

After pickleworms and melonworms showed up late in the summer season, we detected severe infestations (Table 1) in the Hampton Roads area and found both pests in the Eastern Shore AREC (Painter, VA) infesting summer squash and pumpkins. Beware of your pumpkins and examine your plants weekly for these pests which can be severely damaging and affect significantly your yield. In the links below you can find details on how to ID these pests and recommendations on what insecticides to use in case of infestation.

Table 1. Percentage of zucchini infested with pickleworms in the Hampton Roads AREC on Sep. 19, 2022