Syngenta Pest Patrol Hotline…another good source of information

The Syngenta Pest Patrol Hotline gives retailers, consultants and producers valuable information about local pest spectrums to help customize pest management plans based on real-time advice from experts in their area.

Those who are interested can subscribe to receive regional updates from local experts through text messages. Sign up today for Pest Patrol text alerts, so you know immediately when Dr. Ames Herbert has posted a new update.

How to register for Pest Patrol text message alerts?

  • Step one: Register online at or register via text message by texting “pestpat8” to 97063.
  • Step two: reply to the confirmation text by texting the letter “y”, to complete registration.

Upon receiving an initial text message from Syngenta, the cell phone user is agreeing to receive future text message communications from Syngenta under the Pest Patrol campaign.  Standard text message rates apply and are the sole responsibility of the cell phone user.  To stop receiving messages, the cell phone user must reply to a Syngenta text message with the message ‘STOP’.