Table with insecticides available for control of bollworm and stink bugs in cotton

We had a request to develop a list of the insecticides available for managing bollworm and stink bugs in cotton—sprays that will go out over the next few weeks. The reason is that with the many products, both single and mixed active ingredients (ai) and different amounts of ai per gallon, it is very confusing and hard for growers to make good selections. Making the best product choice means knowing what the active ingredients are, what they are designed to kill, and how much product is needed to apply enough ai per acre to achieve good results. The attached table provides that information. It was a collaborative effort and included input from Jack Bacheler and Dominic Reisig at NCSU. Please note that not all products are included and that the rates on the table are from the product labels. Hopefully this information will be useful.
Additional information: bw-sb-cotton-insecticides-2013-herbert-docx

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