Thrips Update/Cotton and Peanuts

A quick update on what I am seeing with thrips in cotton and peanuts—the problem is evolving slowly compared to previous years. Thrips numbers are still low for this time of year compared with previous years, and, we are not seeing a lot of damage to seedlings. This is especially true for peanuts. The seed and in-furrow treatments look very good, but there is not a lot of injury even on untreated peanuts. I know growers are tempted to make foliar applications, but I have not seen a single field where they would be justified. The injury will get worse, but maybe too late to cause much stress to plants.
The situation is much the same in cotton—low level thrips infestations and not a lot of damage. The worst damage seems to be occurring not to the first true leaves, but to the second true leaf and third leaf bud. This is not the usual way this problem unfolds so I am not sure how it will play out. With a little more moisture and heat—cotton will quickly reach the ‘safe’ four + leaf stages.

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