Virginia Peanut-Cotton Infonet Update

The Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC (TAREC) maintains the Peanut-Cotton Infonet website ( which provides growers in southeast Virginia with daily weather data (e.g. air and soil temperatures, rainfall, relative humidity), peanut leaf spot and Sclerotinia advisories, peanut heat units, cotton degree days, and a frost advisory. Four weather stations located in Suffolk, Capron, Skippers, and Waverly are maintained by the TAREC Plant Pathology program. Thanks to funding from the Virginia Peanut and Cotton Boards, we have been able to upgrade our equipment which should improve the overall reliability and consistency of data transfer from our weather stations. The new equipment has been installed and we are receiving data, but we are temporarily unable to post the data to the Infonet website. This technical issue should be resolved by next week, but in the meantime daily weather data will be sent out as an email to extension agents and posted to the Virginia Ag Pest Advisory Blog. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working hard to get the Peanut-Cotton Infonet website up and running for the season. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call the TAREC Plant Pathology lab at (757) 657-6450 ext. 428 or email Dr. Hillary Mehl (

Please find below the current weather data for Suffolk, Capron, and Skippers. The Waverly data will be available shortly.

SE VA Weather Data 5-1-15