Insect report for July 13, 2017

Virginia Cooperative Extension ANR Agents and Virginia Tech faculty/staff have started up their black light traps to monitor¬†corn earworm moths (aka bollworm) and brown marmorated stink bugs for the season. CEW and BMSB catches have been low in the black light traps; however, our pheromone traps in Suffolk, VA are catching moderate numbers of CEW moths–averaging about 5 per night. We tend to pick up more CEW moths in the pheromone than in the black light traps during this time of year. Dr. Taylor’s cypermethrin vial tests are showing about 35% of CEW moths surviving the 5 microgram rate (the moths were collected from the Suffolk pheromone traps). Watson Lawrence reported 26 brown stink bugs in his Chesapeake black light trap this week.