Brown marmorated stink bugs found in high numbers in soybean fields (Dr. Ames Herbert)

Thanks to the conscientious effort of our field scout, Ed Seymore, we have located several soybean fields in Orange County, Virginia (about 20 miles NE of Charlottesville) with large numbers of brown marmorated stink bugs. These high density areas are very much restricted to field edges next to woods, especially where there are groups of tree or heaven. On these field edges we could easily capture 10 to 20 adults and nymphs, or more, in a 15-sweep sample. The ratio of adults to nymphs was heavy on the nymph side, with evidence of old egg masses on the leaves. As best we could determine these infestations went only about 30 feet into the fields, then numbers dropped to 1 to 2, or less per 15 sweeps. There was evidence of feeding with flattened pods and discolored pods with damaged seed. There is no question that these infested areas will suffer from stay green syndrome at the end of the season. We are not sure how widespread this problem is, but are doing what we can to locate other problem areas/fields. So far, we have no other reports. In one field, we were able to put in a couple of fairly primitive insecticide efficacy trials. I use the word primitive because we had to fit plot plans into these narrow field edges with their curves and ups-and-downs (not much flat ground in that part of the state). We hope to take post treatment ratings soon and will post results, if we are successful.

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